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ACT Tutoring Near Me

The ACT is one of the most common standardized exams in the United States, with approximately two million combined test takers annually. The ACT is a critical part of the college admissions process, providing schools with an objective, standardized measure of a student’s readiness for college-level coursework. For this reason, many state boards of education use the ACT to measure their students’ academic progress, as well. If you’re getting ready to take the ACT, you'll want to prepare to the best of your abilities. However, it can be challenging for students to prepare for such a high-stakes college entrance exam on their own. Veritas Prep can help, offering several ACT tutoring options that can guide you towards your best possible ACT score and a leg up in the college admissions process.

Why Choose ACT Tutoring?  Tutoring is a thorough and comprehensive way to master academic topics and study for an important exam. Unlike a classroom course in which a teacher’s time is spread across many students, SAT tutoring uses a one-on-one format to put all a tutor’s attention and focus on helping one student succeed. Your tutor will personalize a study plan to you, addressing your biggest weaknesses and harnessing your biggest strengths in order to help you reach your ACT goals. Each ACT tutoring session will progress at your own pace, ensuring that you can ask questions when you need to and move ahead when you’ve mastered something. You will be working with someone who has scored a 33 or better on the ACT, as all Veritas Prep tutors have scored in the 99th percentile on an official ACT. That tutor will provide you with powerful, actionable ACT strategies to help you use time efficiently, give you things to try if you get stuck on a problem, and make sure that you are prepared with the knowledge and ability to tackle even the most challenging ACT problems.

DISCOVERING THE ACT:  The ACT is divided into five sections, one of which is an optional Writing section and four of which are required multiple-choice sections. The ACT’s required sections cover English, Math, Reading, and Science. Students have 3 hour and 35-minutes to complete the ACT based on the time limits for each ACT section. Scores on each multiple-choice ACT section are given on a scale of 1to 36, and the essay is scored on a scale of 1 to 12.

Moving Forward With An ACT Tutor:  Contact Veritas Prep to learn more about how an ACT tutor can help you achieve your highest possible score on the ACT exam and improve your chances of attending a top college or university. Academic advisors are available online at www.veirtasprep.com and by phone. The ACT can be a difficult test, but working with a Veritas Prep tutor is a great way to master the content on the exam and feel confident heading in to test day. A Veritas Prep ACT tutor will provide expert guidance and a suite of targeted resources to help you master the ACT in an effective, efficient way.

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